Garret's Landing

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Garret’s Landing is a hamlet located along the Lost Coast Road, 25 miles northeast of Magnimar. It is almost exactly halfway between Magnimar and Sandpoint, and is one day’s easy ride from both.

The hamlet is on the coast, and fishing is a primary industry. Of secondary importance is service of travelers: there are two inns, a stable, and a trading post that is much larger that one would expect for such a small settlement.

Garret’s Landing (LN)
Popuulation: 57; Government: conventional (mayor)
Qualities: Prosperous

Base Limit: 500 gp; Purchase Limit: 2000 gp

Notable businesses

The Drunken Goblin: A seedy-looking inn, at which are available only poor and common meals and rooms.

The Flaming Tankard: A nicer-looking inn, at which are available common and good rooms and meals. This inn is guarded by four burly Shoanti warriors, who require that all patrons check their weapons at the door.

Garret’s Trading Post: A general store. Any normal equipment from the Core Rulebook up to the Base Limit can be found. The store does not stock magic items.

Old Heinrick’s: Not technically a business, Heinrick is a retired alchemist who can usually be persuaded to craft alchemical items or CL1 potions at book prices.

Garret's Landing

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