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Pathfinder goblins

Goblins are small, mischievous, evil humanoids that live on the fringes of more ordered societies. They have weak-looking scrawny bodies, large melon-shaped heads with long pointy ears, and oversize mouths filled with jagged teeth.

Goblins are cruel, vicious, creatures that delight in making other beings suffer. They are also lazy and not very bright, yet they have a strange cleverness and ingenuity that makes them effective trap makers. They are also very fond of fire.

According to the Elven ranger Shalelu Adosansa, there are ten things one needs to know about goblins:

1. Goblins hate horses. While they ride their disgusting rat-like goblin dogs, and will ride a worg if they can convince it to take a rider, their hatred of horses is matched by their fear of them.

2. Goblins hate dogs even more. It’s about the only creature they hate more than horses, and in this case, the feeling is mutual— dogs seem to hate them right back.

3. Goblins raid junkyards. To goblins, the trash piles of larger and more civilized creatures are a treasure trove of raw materials to make tools, weapons, and armor.

4. Goblins love to sing. The scary part is how catchy their melodies are, although their lyrics are distasteful at best and horrific at worst.

5. Goblins are sneaky. An angry goblin is a noisy menace, chattering away in its guttural tongue, but any goblin can become silent as a mouse and slip away into the shadows at a moment’s notice.

6. Goblins do crazy things. They are extremely clever in coming up with new and interesting ways to be cruel, vicious, and sadistic, but are hard to predict. Goblins seem generally incapable of thinking their actions through to their logical outcomes: like hiding in a lit oven, or stopping to steal valuables (or food) in the middle of a fight.

7. Goblins will eat just about anything, including people, or in a pinch, each other. They are also voracious, and given enough supplies, will eat a dozen full meals a day. Goblin camps rarely have that quantity of supplies on hand, which is one reason they go raiding so often.

8. Goblins like fire. Burning things is one of their favorite forms of entertainment, especially if what they light up is alive and can flail around for a while. Like I said earlier, they’re sadistic little creeps.

9. Goblins are lazy, and prefer to bully other, weaker creatures into doing their dirty work. Unfortunately for the goblins, they are usually the weakest creatures around. This also means that goblins seldom finish what they start.

10. Goblins believe that writing steals your soul. Really. They think that writing steals the words out of your head, and that you can’t get them back. While they don’t have a written language, they do draw elaborate narrative pictures of their exploits.

Near Sandpoint, there are five major Goblin Tribes.


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