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Located on the cliff face of the 3000-foot Storval Rise in eastern Varisia, Kaer Maga is Varisia’s oldest, and possibly strangest city. Called the City of Strangers, this anarchic cliff-top city is built inside the the ruins of an immense ancient momument or building. The city is known as a place where someone can hide from persecution or start a new life amid dozens of stange factions and thousands of its outcast residents. People of any race can call Kaer Maga home, as long as they follow the local adage, “Your business is YOUR business.”

The city is laid out in an odd jumble, with streets that run in three dimensions. Visitors are strongly encouraged to hire a local guide, as it’s very easy to get lost, many neighborhoods are dangerous, and the borders between them are difficult to discern. The city has two distinct sections: the predominately indoor section called The Ring, where the outer and inner wall of the city has a (mostly intact) roof; and The Core, a large open-air “courtyard” in the center of the city.

Kaer Magans worship a wide variety of deities, and hosts scores of tiny mystery cults. The two most widely-worshiped faiths are the cults of Abadar and Asmodeus, both of whom serve the city as providers and enforcers of contracts in a city without a government. In fact, the only two cults that are not well-tolerated in the City of Strangers are those of the “crusader gods” Iomedae and Sarenrae. Kaer Magans view followers of these faiths as troublemakers who too often stick their noses into other people’s business.

Kaer Maga is known to have an extensive network of underground levels below the normal cellars and crypts typical of a city. Indeed, hundreds of miles of subterranean tunnels and chambers are rumored to exsist, but only the foolhardy dare to venture too deeply, as ancient horrors are said to dwell in the depths below.

Kaer Maga
CN small city
Qualities magically attuned, notorious, prosperous, strategic location

Government anarchy
Population 8,000 (5,500 humans; 500 halflings; 400 gnomes; 400 half-elves; 400 half-orcs; 200 dwarves; 100 elves; 100 orcs; 75 trolls; 50 centaurs; 50 hobgoblins; 50 nagas; 175 others)

Base Value 7,600 gp; Purchase Limit 55,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th
Minor items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6

Ankar-Te: A northeastern neighborhood in The Ring, where necromancy is openly practiced and tolerated. Redidents refer to undead as the “twice-born.”
Bis: Located within the southeastern part of The Ring, middle-class Bis is a maze of balconies that stretches to the roof.
The Bottoms: Working-class southern Ring neighborhood, home of the Freemen, who oppose slavery.
Cavalcade: Industrial heart of Kaer Maga, located in the southern Ring. Home to a majority of the city’s regular craftsmen and tradesmen.
Highside Stacks: Upper-class neighborhood in the center of the city consisting of high towers that overlook the city. Some residents rarely if ever set foot on the ground.
Downmarket: The most famous district of Kaer Maga, an open-air bazaar located in the Core.
Hospice: Core district that is home to inns, taverns, brothels, and other businesses catering to travel and hospitality.
Oriat: Colorful and vital northern Ring district known for artists, theatre, music, a bardic college, nightlife… and open sectarian warfare.
Tarheel Promenade: Home of the Arcanists’ Circle, this eastern Ring district is home to arcane marketplaces.
The Warren: Ramshackle shantytown seven stories tall, built in the ruins of a collapsed section of Kaer Maga’s western outer wall. Poorest district of the city, and generally the first to be seen.
Widdershins: A quiet, domestic, lawful, orderly neighborhood in the Core that is aggressively defended by its inhabitants from perceived threats external and internal.

Notable Businesses and Locations

Grand Marketplace: Open-air market where just about anything can be found.
The Blushing Rose: High-class brothel
Last Rites: Seller of undead servants
The Wheel Unbroken: Magic items, specializes in custom work
The Kiln: Purveyors of fine constructs, and main rival to Magnimar’s Golemworks
The Vulgar Unicorn: Moderately-priced and not-too-rough inn; popular with adventurers
Quarrimac’s Curatives: Apothecary and alchemist
The Hammer of Knowledge: Smithy and machinist
Augur Temple: Home of the city’s troll augurs who read the future in their own entrails.
The Flesh Block: The only open slave market in Varisia
Canary House: Lavish inn, restaurant, and cabaret
The Lyceum: College of the arts
The Burning Brand: Tattoo parlor and body modification shop
The Succoring Muse: Pesh and flayleaf parlor
Gadka’s Magical Oddities: Downscale magic shop
The Godsmouth Ossuary: Temple of Pharasma and most prestigeous place in the city to bury the dead.

Bonus Info: For a fan-made 3D model of Kaer Maga, see these amazing photos.

Kaer Maga

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