Letter from Lucretia

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Letter found by Magnimar City Watch in the messenger raven roost atop the Shadow Clock on 21 Neth 4707.

13 Neth 4707

Sister Xanesha,

It has been some time since you have written me. I trust all is well? I must say that I hope you know what you’re doing, letting your little death cult do the actual harvesting. While I’m sure that you’re having lots of fun terrorizing people with those very public murders, I will again say that it lacks the subtlety that Master prefers.

Here in Turtleback Ferry, my plans come to fruition. My plan is both more subtle and more direct than yours. Plus, what I’ve set into motion is both feeding on and magnifying the greed in these fools’ souls before harvesting. Master will be pleased when I offer him an entire town!

I expect to be finished before winter’s end. I will visit you in Magnimar when this phase of the plan is complete. Write soon to tell me of your progress.


Letter from Lucretia

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