Letter from Tirana

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Letter found in the Lethe House in Kaer Maga on 21 Abadius 4707

Drollis and Kessoula—

The time is upon us.

This morning’s divination with the Goddess was not good. There are four enemies who stalk us, and we should linger here no longer. After tonight’s Feast of Sigils, we shall have enough sigil wafers to perform the Ritual of Awakening upon the Seven Blades of Conviction. This shall bind all of the swords to the will of the Lord of Runes. Mokmourian will be displeased that we had to bargain with the Skinsaw Cult to secure the Sword of Wrath, but we shall deal with the cult when the time comes.

Bring the wafers to me tonight in the Summoning Room in the Chambers of Truth below this hovel. Seal the passage behind you permanently to prevent our enemies from following. Preparation for the Ritual will take several more days, so keep the Lethe House staffed with your underlings to prevent the souls bound to the wafers from passing to the Boneyard.

If our enemies arrive, kill them… but if you can take some of their souls first… all the better.

—High Priestess Tirana

Letter from Tirana

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