Letter to Barl Breakbones

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This letter was found by the Sandpoint Heroes inside the spellbook of Barl Breakbones, in the throne room of Kreeg Clanhold, on Hook Mountain. The letter was found on 12 Kuthona 4707. The letter was written on a sheet of parchment, and the language is Giant.


Latest contact from Terakitnus indicates that his scouting force will hole up for the winter in the Malgorian Mountains. He reports that a key pass is blocked by an avalanche, and the dragon balks at flying in a little snow. His spies report that the chamber we seek is likely along the Lost Coast, probably beneath ruins visible from the surface, but they have yet to discern exactly where.

Our forces continue to gather at Jorgenfist, so send the next shipment of weapons there. Continue training your ogre slaves in siegecraft over the winter, and be ready to join Terakitnus’ forces by Firstbloom when they return to the march.

On the other matter, the Sword of Lust has been located in Magnimar, and I have arranged an agent to acquire it for us. With all of the Seven Swords in our possession, our forces will be unstoppable! For now, remain at Hook Mountain and await my further commands.


Letter to Barl Breakbones

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