Letter to Chrysalis Black

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Letter found in a desk in the secret lab of the mad artificer Chrysalis Black, on 02 Abadius 4708. The letter was dated the same day.

Dear Mr. Black,

I would like to thank you once again for your generosity in sending such exquisite dolls to the orphanages that we have established in Oppara, Absalom, Westcrown, and other places. The toys will be put to very good use when they arrive.

We have opened a new orphanage in Kaer Maga, and today’s shipment that was planned for Palin’s Cove needs to go there instead. I am sending Agent L as a special courier. The headmistress in Kaer Maga, Tirana, may be contacting you for more dolls as her orphanage expands. Such contacts will include specific information about which features to include in your toys.

I thank you, as do the children.


Headmaster Sloan

Letter to Chrysalis Black

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