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Magnimar view

Located on the western coast of southern Varisia, Magnimar is the second-largest city-state in that region, and controls a fairly wide region, including several smaller settlements (including Sandpoint). The city’s current leader is Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras. Merchants and collectors come from large distances to trade at the Bazaar of Sails in the waterfront district.

The city is famous for its numerous monuments. The two most prominent are of ancient Thassilonian in origin: the immense collapsed bridge called the Irespan, soaring 200 feet above sea level), and the nearly vertical, seamless cliff called Seacleft that separates the upper and lower sections of the city. Other, physically smaller but no less impressive monuments are of much more recent manufacture, such as the citadel called the Arvensoar). There is a statue on nearly every street corner, and the city maintains many public parks.

The city exists on two distinct levels: The Summit is at the level of the deck of the Irespan, at the top of Seacleft, and the Shore is at sea level, at the bottom. A wide stone avenue called the Ascent is the only road that connects the two halves of the city, although the Arvensoar has entrances at both levels.

Neutral Large City (Population: 16,400)
Government: Conventional (mayor)
Leaders: Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras
Council of Ushers Spokeswoman Verinne Caiteil
Lord Justice Bayl Argentine, Justiciar of the High Court
Valanni Krinst, Lord-Mayor’s personal secretary

Base limit: 8,000 gp; Purchase limit: 50,000 gp

Magic items: Any standard item with a price of 2500 gp or less can be found for sale at book price in 1d4 hours. There is a 75% chance of availability of any other item between 2500 and 8000 gp in value (Looking for the item takes 1d6+1 hours, regardless of success; if not available, check again in 1 week). For other items, check with GM for availability.

There are many NPCs in Magnimar who would be able to construct items on commission. See GM for details.

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