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Campaign Flavor
While not a true horror campaign, Rise of the Runelords has edgy horror elements at several points, most notably Books 2, 3, and 6. If it were a movie, it would be rated a strong “R”. The campaign may include scenes of grisly deaths, a serial killer at work, cannibalism, torture, and descriptions of sexual violence. Please let the GM know if anything in the game is making you uncomfortable. I will do my best to work around such issues (perhaps by implying rather than describing in detail) when the plot allows.

Campaign Tone
I’m intending the campaign to be a serious adventure with real danger. Especially during the moments where I’m trying to play up the horror, I would appreciate cooperation from the players when setting the mood and tone for a horror-focused session. There will be other moments of freewheeling adventure that are intended to be much more lighthearted.

Quorum and Absent Players
We’ll play if two-thirds of the group can attend. If a player is absent, the GM will run the character as an NPC, to the best of his ability. Please be advised that it is possible for a PC to die while being played as an NPC by the GM. PCs being run as NPCs will receive 50% of the XP award.

Experience Points and NPCs
The GM will calculate the session’s XP award based on the total number of characters in the party, including NPCs. (Note: PC Cohorts aren’t counted, and the cohort is essentially an extension of the PC.) NPCs don’t actually receive an XP award (exept for PCs being played as NPCs— see above), and gain levels when the GM feels it’s appropriate.

For Player Characters, my philosophy is that a PC’s alignment is descriptive, not prescriptive. In other words, a character’s alignment is reflected in his or her actions. However, since character alignment has in-game consequences (e.g. effects of spell on characters of a given alignment), if I feel that a PC’s actions are in conflict with the alignment written on the sheet, I’ll let the player know. It’s usually easiest to change the alignment that’s written on the sheet to match how the player is already playing the character.

Metagame Info

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