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Money and Treasure

Coins in the Inner Sea Region are minted by various governments, plus a few other organizations (most notably the Church of Abadar). While coins vary slightly in appearance, and different places have different names for the coins, just about everyone has settled on the Taldan Standard. Coins have the standard values as per the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Coins are about the size of a modern American penny, but weigh significantly more. 120 coins weigh a pound. (This makes them much smaller than the Core Rules.)

The vast majority of the coins in circulation in the Sandpoint area were minted by the city of Magnimar, but it’s not that unusual to see coins that had been minted in Korvosa, Cheliax, Taldor, or the Bank of Abadar. Most coins are traded at face value, regardless of provenance, but particularly unusual, large, ancient, or rare coins might be worth more than their face value to a collector.

Coin values and names in nearby cities

coin Value Magnimar Kaer Maga Korvosa
copper 1/100 gp penny bit pinch
silver 1/10 gp shilling bob shield
gold 1 gp ducat quid sail
platinum 10 gp noble crown crown

So, 1 noble equals 10 ducats, equals 100 shillings, equals 1,000 pence!

Gems, Jewelry, and Works of Art
Prices of these items will be given in terms of what the PCs can sell them for. (E.g.a “100 gp gem” can be sold for 100 gp.) The same is true of jewelry, paintings, rare books, spices, etc. If a PC wants to convert coin into gems and jewelry for ease of transport, there is a 10% markup. So, if the PC wanted to buy the aforementioned 100 gp gem, it would cost 110 gp.

Selling Equipment
Other items of value are generally bought by PCs at list price and sold at half list price. Items sized for humanoids other than size Medium generally can only be sold at 25% of list price. This includes magic items. This exchange rate assumes that the PCs are selling items to a merchant, and takes little in-game time.

A PC can attempt to get more than half price for a specific item by locating a buyer and selling the item directly. Finding the buyer takes 1 day per 500 gp of the item’s list price. The buyer will pay 75% of list price. The PC can use Diplomacy or Profession (merchant) to try to get more than that from the buyer.

Settlement Marketplaces
Depending on the size of the village, town, or city, there may be limitations on the local market. Settlements have a maximum gp sale value of items. Generally, only items of that value or lower are available to purchase. Additionally, there’s a maximum purchase value for all settlements: that represents the most amount of cash that a local could spend to buy an item that’s offered for sale. Generally, the larger the settlement, the larger these values.

For locations in which the party will be spending any amount of time, please see the “Marketplace” section of the settlement’s Wiki entry for specific information about trading in that settlement.

See also the GameMastery Guide Settlement Rules for more information.


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