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The goddess of birth, death, and rebirth, The Lady of Graves shepherds the souls of the recently dead to their final reward. She judges the souls of the departed and sends them on to their final homes in the Great Beyond. Pharasma is also the goddess of fate and prophecy. While a goddess of death, her concern is for the living. Pharasma sees undeath as a perversion of the natural cycle of life, and the ultimate heresy.

Clerics of Pharasma only channel positive energy. Clerics of Pharasma may not ever create undead without immediately losing all granted divine powers.

Pharasma is Neutral.

Her domains are Death*, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, and Water.

*Clerics of Pharasma who choose the Death domain have access to the following domain spells in place of the spells listed under the Death domain in the Core Rulebook:
3rd- speak with dead, 6th- antilife shell, 8th- symbol of death


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