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The campaign begins in the town of Sandpoint, a small town on the western coast of Varisia, located about 50 miles northeast of Magnimar. The town was founded about fifty years ago by a league of merchants from Magnimar. Too small to be plagued by the crime, corruption, and intrigue of a city; and sufficiently far from the wilds to be spared the dangers of a frontier town, Sandpoint is both peaceful and prosperous.

About 9 out of 10 people in town are human, and about three-quarters of those are of Chelish ancestry. The common tongue is Taldan (the lingua franca of the entire Inner Sea region), and many also speak Varisian. People of the major races can be found in town. There is no institutional bias against non-humans in general, although many individuals may hold prejudices.

Slavery is not practiced anywhere in Magnimar’s domains, and not a few escaped Chelish slaves have found new homes in Sandpoint (particularly halflings.)

Population: 1240

Major industries: fishing, glass, lumber, shipbuilding

Leaders: Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock

GP limit: 1300 gp; purchase limit: 7500 gp

Magic items: Any CL1 potions and scrolls may be purchased at book prices. 75% chance of any other requested item is available at book prices up to the GP limit (if not, check again in 1 week.) For other items, ask the GM for availability.

Notable Businesses:

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