Seven Blades of Conviction

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Seven Blades of Conviction
(a.k.a. “Seven Swords of Sin”)

In the days of the Thassilonian Empire, each of the seven kingdoms of the empire was dedicated to one of the Seven Virtues of Rule, and each was ruled by a Runelord. Each Runelord had a champion— a warrior dedicated to the virtue who served as a military commander, bodyguard of the Runelord, special envoy, and executioner.

Much as the Runelords each had an alara’q, or ceremonial weapon of office, each of the Champions of Thassilon bore a ceremonial sword. Collectively, these were known as the Seven Blades of Conviction. However, as the empire devolved into decadance, the Seven Virtues of Rule devolved into the Seven Sins— and the blades themselves became corrupted with sin. Invested with the power of the Runelords, each blade only has one true master: the sitting Runelord of their respective realm. While powerful items in anyone’s hand, only the respective Champion of Thassilon or the rightful Runelord has access to all of the legendary powers of the blades.

In the ensuing millennia since the fall of Thassilon, many of the Seven Swords of Sin have been seen on occasion in the hands of daring individuals. Yet, each sword is inevitably lost again. Today, many of the blades are in collections of powerful people and organizations. Some of their current owners understand the inherent danger of possessing such an ancient artifact of a lost power, while others use them as symbols of their own mastery.

Some experts of Thassilonian lore say that, over time, each of the Swords of Sin will infuse its bearer with its respective sin, ultimately leading to that person’s downfall. Other experts dismiss that warning as superstitious nonsense.

The Seven Blades are:

Name Sin Type Current Location (as of 4707)
Asheia Lust Longsword Beleived to be in possession of the Pathfinder Society.
Baraket Pride Rapier On display at the Imperial Museum, Oppara, Taldor.
Chellan Greed Scimitar Believed to be in a private collection in Riddleport.
Garvok Wrath Greatsword Unknown. Last recorded sighting was in 456 AR.
Shin-Tari Sloth Shortsword Unknown. Last recorded sighting was in 4345 AR.
Tannaris Envy Bastard Sword Locked in the vault of the Bank-Cathedral of Abadar, Absalom
Ungarto Gluttony Unknown Unknown. No recorded sightings since the fall of Thassilon.

Seven Blades of Conviction

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