Sihedron Ritual

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In the fall of 4707, bodies started appearing in Sandpoint and Magnimar bearing signs that the victims had been subject to a terrible dark ritual. Each of the victims were found posed in a particular way with very specific mutiliations done to the body:

  • The victim was seated with his or her back to the wall.
  • The victim’s hands were nailed to the wall with their arms outstretched.
  • The flesh of the victim’s face and entire lower jaw was removed (preventing the use of speak with dead).
  • The victim’s clothing was removed or torn open to reveal his or her chest.
  • A seven-pointed Sihedron Rune was carved into the flesh of each victim’s chest.
  • In the Sandpoint cases (only), a note was pinned to each victim, addressed to Charrone Genteur.

Sihedron carved

Because of the signature on some of the letters, the murderer was dubbed The Skinsaw Man by Sandpoint authorities, and the series of serial murders were referred to as “The Skinsaw Murders.” Investigation of the murders led the Sandpoint Heroes to discover that the perpetrator in Sandpoint was really Aldern Foxglove, who had been working for an organization called [:brothers-of-seven], who were themselves a Cult of Norgorber.

It became clear to the Heroes that the victims were all chosen because they had been greedy in life, but the purpose of the ritual still remains a mystery.

Sihedron Ritual

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