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The following skills differ from the official rules:

New formula to indicate progress when crafting items: For each 8-hour day, make a skill check. On a successful check, multiply the DC of the craft check by the skill check result. This represents the price in silver pieces of the amount of progress made toward the completed item. When the value created equals the GP sale value, the item is complete. You can rush item creation on a given day by increasing the DC of the craft check by 5; success of a rush job doubles the progress for that day. Depending on the complexity of the item, the GM may rule that item creation takes more or less time than this formula would normally indicate. (e.g. crafting a sailing ship would take longer; crafting a gold ingot would take less time.)

We are using slightly more effective natural healing rules in this game.
Natural healing: For each complete 8 hours of rest, a character heals 1 hp per character level, plus her Constitution modifier. (Minimum 1 hp.) If she spends a full day in complete bedrest, this doubles (2 hp/character level, plus twice Constitution modifier, minimum 2 hp).
Long-Term Care: On a successful DC 15 Heal check, you can double a character’s natural healing rate (2 hp/character level + twice Con bonus for 8 hours of rest; 4 hp/characer level plus 4 x Con bonus for 24 hours of complete bedrest). You cannot provide long-term care for yourself.
Treat Nonlethal Wounds: On a successful DC 15 Heal check, you can restore nonlethal damage in the amount of 1 hp per subject’s character level, plus the subject’s Constitution modifier (minimum 1 hp). If you exceed the DC by 5 or more, you may also add your Wisdom bonus to this total. This takes 10 minutes and requires one use of a healer’s kit. The DC increases by 5 without a healer’s kit. There is no limit to the number of times per day a character may benefit from having nonlethal damage treated in this manner. You may treat yourself in this manner, but at a -5 penalty to the skill check.
Treat Deadly Wounds: On a successful DC 20 Heal check, you can restore lost hit points in the field. A successful check restores 1 hp per character level of the subject, plus the subject’s Con modifier (minimum 1 hp on a successful check). If the check succeeds by 5 or more, you may add your Wisdom bonus to the number of hit points cured. This requires 2 uses of a healer’s kit. The DC increases by 5 for every healer’s kit use that is not available. Treating deadly wounds takes 1 hour. You may treat yourself in this manner, but at a -5 penalty on the skill check. Only wounds received within the past 24 hours can be treated with this skill, and a character may never benefit from this use of the Heal skill more than once per day.

Knowledge (local)
For every rank you have in Knowledge (local), you can define a specific city, area, or other region (e.g. a forest or a mountain range) that you have extra familiarity with. You receive a +2 competence bonus to any skill checks you make about this particular area. You do not need to define a new region at the time you gain a skill rank, but you must have spent at least one week in a new region before you can add it to your list. If this is a class skill, you may add three additional regions when you take your first rank.


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