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The sparsely-populated frontier region of Varisia is located on the northwestern coast of the continent of Avistan. It is north of Cheliax, and south of Ulfenheim.

Varisia has no central government. It was briefly colonized by Cheliax during the Everwar period of expansion, but only the city-state of Korvosa retains allegiance to the empire.

Coastal Varisia had a temperate climate, with warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The land has varied geography: many craggy mountain ranges; a vast arid highland plateu; a huge uninhabited festering swamp; dense forests; and a good amount of rich, arable farmland.

There are three large city-states in Varisia, each of which controls an area around it, including smaller towns. In order of population, they are:

  • Korvosa, Gateway to Varisia, population 18,500
  • Magnimar, The City of Monuments, population 16,000
  • Riddleport, The City of Cyphers, population 13,500

Three other, smaller city-states exist on the fringes of Varisia:

  • Janderhoff, the last Sky Citadel, population 10,200 (mostly dwarves)
  • Kaer Maga, The City of Strangers, population 8,000
  • Urglin, The Shattered City, population 5,300

Varisia was once the location of the ancient empire of Thassilon, and many ruins of this lost civilization still dominate the landscape.

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