The Watcher of the Mists

The campaign is over.

I had been holding out for a miracle, but it looks like this campaign will not be returning from hiatus. I’m officially ending this campaign. I really wish I could have run it through to the end, but it’s time to move on.

I had a blast GMing this campaign. I certainly learned a thing or three about running an Adventure Path. Hopefully I’ll be able to run the next one to completion.

Due to the fact that this campaign is over, I have no plans to fill in the missing campaign log entries with details beyond the synopses.

I may occasionally make an update or two to the other sections of this site, mainly so that I can have a place to post things I might use in other campaigns, until such a time as I actually start one up again.

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

Still on hiatus

The campaign is still on hiatus. I am reservedly hopeful that we will be able to restart this campaign in January 2014, possibly with a few new players.

I continue to tinker with the site, particularly after the Obsidian Portal site redesign and loss of the “Items” tab. I am also going back to fill in the details of adventure logs that currently only have a synopsis. Finally, I am occasionally updating a few other things here and there, such as adding new spells I intend to add to this (or a future) campaign.

Putting the campaign on hiatus

[This is an out-of-game post.]

I have to announce that I must put the campaign on temporary hiatus. This is due to several factors in both my personal and professional lives. I am hopeful that we’ll be able to start up again sometime in fall 2013.

We also say farewell to Mark, player of McGregor. Thanks for sticking with this game as long as you were able!

—Your Humble GM

The Chambers of Truth (Part 12)
Session 83

Synopsis: The party found Tirana’s ritual chamber, and attempted to stop the ritual to fully activate the Seven Swords of Sin! But Tirana wasn’t alone— sinspawn, a dark naga, stone giants, and a former ally of the party stood in the way!

The Chambers of Truth (Part 11)
Session 82

Synopsis: Venturing further into the Chambers of Truth, the party found a machine to recycle dead experimental subjects, three teleportaion portals, and an underground lake in which stalked dangerous creatures.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 10)
Session 81

Synopsis: The party ventured deeper into the Chambers of Truth, encountering several more bizarre guardians, including an invisible stalker, a room trapped with fire, and more sinspawn.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 9)
Session 80

Synopsis: Continuing their exploration of the Chambers of Truth, the party found a chapel not dedicated to a god, a strange passageway to nowhere, and an ancient scrying device. They also solved a riddle involving an angel and a demon, recruited a strange ally, and fought an Osiriani mummy.

The Chambers of Truth (Part 8)
Session 79

Synopsis: The party used a strange contraption they found in a room they called the “Hall of Heads” to interrogate several long-dead characters from ages past… and one from their own past!

The Chambers of Truth (Part 7)
Session 78

Synopsis: The adventurers continued to explore the vaults below Kaer Maga. They explored some of the living quarters in the complex, fought hideous creatures formed from sin itself, and rescued the party wizard from his own curiosity.


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