Declan Fintane

PC Human male cleric of Sarenrae


Male human (Chelish) cleric 5


Declan Fintane was born in a hamlet on the shores of Ember Lake that was destroyed by goblins when he was young. The attack left his father dead and family destitute, so they resettled in Magnimar, where they were supported by the Church of Sarenrae. As a poor child from the hinterlands, young Declan had difficulty navigating the complexity of urban social life, and spent much time in the temple. There, the compassionate priests of Sarenrae gave him gentle instruction on how to interact with others (and occasional healing) after Declan’s “misunderstandings” with city kids. Declan found the Church of Sarenrae’s emphasis on dawn and rebirth very appealing. His formative experiences have led him to romanticize life in the countryside, where living is simple, pure, and doesn’t hide behind a seemingly-friendly face. He is in Sandpoint to relish the community’s revival and to support the opening of the new cathedral.

Declan Fintane

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