Justice Ironbriar

Magnimar city judge, cult leader (imprisoned)


Male elf aristocrat/expert


Justice Variel Ironbriar is one of thirteen judges of the Magnimar Justice Court. He presided over the evidentiary hearing of the Bilger Gang on 19 Lamashan 4707, and is scheduled to hear the full criminal trial on 29 Lamashan.

Update: Investigating the mysterious organization called the Brothers of Seven, the Sandpoint Heroes raided a sawmill owned by the group on 20 Lamashan 4707. The organization turned out to be a front for the Skinsaw Cult, led by Justice Ironbriar himself!

The party captured Ironbriar in the fight, and handed him over to Magnimar city watch commander Odinburge. They later translated Irobriar’s personal journal, revealing the names of other prominent citizens as memebrs of the cult, and also detailing numerous unspeakable crimes that will almost certainly send Ironbriar to the gallows.

Justice Ironbriar

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