Shaz "Redshiv" Bilger

Local bandit (dead)


Human male fighter/rogue (deceased)


“Redshiv” Bilger was the leader of a notorious band of brigands that preyed upon travelers of the Lost Coast Road between Mangimar and Sandpoint. The Magnimar Guard had offered a bounty on Bilger (alive or dead) of 500 gold ducats.

The Sandpoint Heroes found Bilger’s recently-killed body in the caverns below Foxglove Manor on 14 Lamashan 4707. Halfred recognized his face from several posters he remembered in Magnimar, and he removed the head from the body so as to collect the reward. Bilger had apparently been killed by the undead dire bat that lived in the cave, but hadn’t rotted enough for the creature to consume it.

Shaz "Redshiv" Bilger

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