Zandu Agavale

PC Half-elf adventurer, former Sandpoint guardsman


Male Half-elf Fighter 3 / Ranger 2 / Rogue 2 Ranger (Harrier) 4 / Rogue 8

Notable abilities/feats:
Trapfinding, Trapspotter(Ex), Fey Foundling, Two-Weapon Fighting; Improved Uncanny Dodge(Ex); Evasion(Ex); Fast Stealth(Ex)

Notable equipment:
Cape of the Mountebank
Jacket of the Serpent
Ring of the Sihedron Shield
Shoes of Stealthy Striding
Baraket, Sword of Pride
Eyes of the Eagle
Mithril Chainmail +3, Shadow
Mithril Kukri +1; Mithral Kukri +1 ghost touch
Holy Symbol of Desna (ever-burning torch)


Zandu Agavale was born to a Varisian woman and an unknown elven father. When he was a child a package addressed to him was found outside his home one morning. It contained mithril armor and weapons that his mother identified as having belonged to his father.

As a young man lacking direction, he joined the Sandpoint town guard, and became a liked and respected guardsman. After the events of Goblin Day, Zandu found himself working closely with the band of adventurers known locally as the Sandpoint Heroes. The Sheriff eventually assigned Zandu to embed with these adventurers as an official liaison from the town guard.

Zandu traveled to Maginmar with the Sandpoint Heroes to tie up loose ends from the Skinsaw Man investigation and is at this point considers himself to be either ‘on leave’ or ‘on detached duty’ from the Sandpoint town guard depending on which term is more convenient at any given moment.

Zandu Agavale

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