Tag: Halfred


  • Ranseur of Alaznist (replica)

    This beautifully-crafted masterwork mithril ranseur was discovered in the Catacombs under the town of Sandpoint on 11 Rova 4707 by the Sandpoint Heroes. It had been integrated to a statue of the Runelord Alaznist, and is presumably a replica of her …

  • Fang of the Desert

    This sword was recovered from Nualia, a priestess of the demon-goddess Lamashtu. *Update*: An expert on Qadiran weaponry from Magnimar examined this blade in the month of Lamashan, 4707. He informed Halfred that the script-like patterning is actually …

  • Boots of the Mire

    These boots were found by the party in Fort Rannick on 7 Kuuthona 4707 while forcibly evicting the ogres that had occupied the fort. They were found in what had been the quarters of the missing Black Arrow commanding officer, Col. Lamatar Bayden, in a …

  • Winter's Fury

    This sword was recovered from the cairn wight that had been [[:lamatar-bayden]] in Kreeg Clanhold on 12 Kuthona 4707. Winter's Fury is of Ulfen manufacture, with a curved hilt and detailed wirework on the pommel. It is otherwise unadorned.

  • Greater Halflight Charm

    Halfred was given a _greater halflight charm_ by the Duskwarden [[:abra-lopati]] on 19 Abadius 4708 as a token of appreciation for saving the lives of her and three other travelers when they were attacked by a clutch of giant worm-like monsters.

  • Garvok, the Sword of Wrath

    According to the [[Pathfinder Society]], this sword is _Garvok, the Sword of Wrath_, one of the [[Seven Blades of Conviction]] that dates to the [[Thassilon|Thassilonian Empire]], and was lost when that empire fell. Ancient documents indicate that _Garvok_ …