Tag: Zandu


  • Ring of the Sihedron Shield

    The Sandpoint Heroes found this ring in a coffer in the dimensional prison of the barghest Malfeshnakor on 17 Rova 4707. It is a simple golden band without adornment. When activated, it creates a small force effect in the shape of a golden, glowing, …

  • Cape of the Mountebank

    This cape was recovered from the remains of the murderous ghast that was called the [[:skinsaw-man]], after he was defeated by the Sandpoint Heroes on 14 Lamashan, 4707. It is believed that the Skinsaw Man had used the cloak to infiltrate places that he …

  • Shoes of Stealthy Striding

    These magical shoes were recovered from the body of [[:skinsaw-man|The Skinsaw Man]] on 14 Lamashan 4707. *Status:* Currently owned by [[:zandu]]

  • Jacket of the Serpent

    This jacket was worn by the vampire Xanesha when she was encountered by the Sandpoint Heroes atop the Shadow Clock in Magnimar, in the month of Lamashan in the year 4707. After defeating her, the party claimed this jacket as their own. *Status*: Claimed …

  • Impaler of Thorns

    This ornate spear was first encountered being wielded by the vampire Xanesha atop the Shadow Clock in Magnimar. It is decorated with Thassilonian runes, and appears to be of great age. *Status*: Claimed by [[:zandu]].

  • Sceptre of Electric Ray

    Two of these strange devices were recovered from the extraplanar creatures aboard the aether ship _Emperor Xin_ in late Lamashan 4707. *Status*: One was claimed by [[:declan|Declan]], the other by [[:zandu|Zandu]].

  • Wyrmbrand

    This sword has a shiny steel blade with a silver-and-gold hilt. It has a large red gem on the pommel. Its hilt is fashioned in the style of dragon wings, and a symbol depicting a stylized dragon is etched into the blade near the hilt. The sword sheds a …

  • History of Shalast

    This book was found in a secret bookshelf in the library of the Chambers of Truth, beneath the streets of Kaer Maga.

  • Baraket, the Sword of Pride

    After the fall of Thassilon, all of the Seven Swords of Sin were lost for a time. According to the Pathfinder Society, an early chronicle of the deeds of [[Aroden]] from the Age of Destiny (before his ascension to godhood) mentions an unnamed companion of …