Faceless Stalker

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Faceless stalker

Strange, vaguely humanoid creatures whose flesh and bones are rubbery and flexible, faceless stalkers have the ability to take on the appearance of other humanoid creatures. Assuming a new form is physically painful for the creature, and it seems to take several minutes for the creature to take the new form. The creature can release the assumed form to take its own in an instant, and doing so give the creature a rush of euphoria.

In its natural form, a faceless stalker is hairless, with reddish-brown rubbery skin. Its head has no apparent sense organs, although it seems to have the use of all normal senses. Instead of facial features, it has a disturbing assortment of ridges, divots, and whorls in the flesh of its head.

Faceless stalkers are naturally jawless, and use three rasping tongues to drink liquids.

Faceless Stalker

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