Goblin Tribes

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There are five tribes of goblins in the Sandpoint area:

The Birdcruncher Tribe is the smallest and least aggressive. They live in the foothills of the Devil’s Plateau, and mostly keep to themselves.

The Licktoad tribe lives southwest of town, in the Brinestump Marsh. They are excellent swimmers, but unlike the other local tribes, are not skilled animal riders. While a menace to anyone with business in the marsh, they don’t leave the marsh very much.

The Seven Tooth tribe lives closest to Sandpoint, mostly in caves in and around the sea cliffs. They tend to raid Sandpoint’s trash piles and supply weapons and materials to the other tribes. They also tend to avoid tangling with larger folk.

The Thistletop tribe live in a fortress they’ve built atop Skull Rock just off the mainland coast about an hour north of town, through Tickwood Forest. They are the second-largest tribe, and do often waylay travelers along the Lost Coast Road north of town. Update: a band of adventurers from Sandpoint destroyed the Thistletop goblins in the month of Rova in the year 4711.

The Mosswood tribe is by far the largest tribe in the area, and they also tend to raid human settlements and the occasional caravan. They would likely be more dangerous if the tribe wasn’t so prone to in-fighting.

The Toadstool tribe was a small splinter-tribe from the Mosswood goblins, but this tribe was destroyed by adventurers in Rova, 4711.

Goblin Tribes

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