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The phycomid is a mindless fungus creature that is able to shoot a glob of acidic spores at potential food sources. The spores cause acid damage to anything it hits, and can also infect a host, causing disease-like symptoms. Untreated, the infection can lead to death. Anything killed by the infection will become the source of a new individual phycomid within two days.

The creature resembles a patch of sickly purplish mushrooms that grow out of a milky white slimy patch. The patch itself can move like an ooze, although it moves very slowly. Phycomids are attracted to the smell of carrion.

Goblins have been known to be foolish enough to deliberately use phycomids as guardians in their lairs. Such goblin lairs often become phycomid lairs.

In Story: The Sandpoint Heroes encountered a phycomid guarding the lair of the Toadstool Goblins on 7 Rova 4707.


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