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Riddleport is the smallest of the three major cities of Varisia. It is located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Varisia, at the mouth of the Velashu River, about 200 miles north (by sea) of Magnimar.

Riddleport does not have a formal government, but is ruled by a loose alliance of merchants, pirate captains, and guild masters. These forces are more concerned with keeping the streets safe enough for commerce than with enforcing any particular set of rules, making the place effectively an anarcho-libertarian society. The de facto ruler of Riddleport is a man known as Overlord Gaston Cromarcky.

Riddleport’s most famous landmark is the Cyphergate, a quarter-mile wide semicircular arch that radiates faint magic and is covered with indecipherable Thassilonian runes. The Cyphergate spans the mouth of Riddleport Harbor. Its purpose has not yet been determined.

Riddleport is also home to a vibrant scholarly community. Most notable are the Cyphermages who study the Cyphergate and attempt to unlock its secrets. The Cyphermages recently opened Cryptic College, a school of magic that is open to wizards.

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