Sihedron Rune

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According to local scholar Brodert Quint, this seven-pointed star-rune was a very powerful symbol of Thassilonian arcane magic.

The seven points of the Sihedron Rune each represented both one of the seven Thassilonian Virtues of Rule, and the seven schools of magic that were recognized in that time. Quint also said that, toward the end of the empire, the seven virtues had each developed a “negative aspect,” and that the symbols for these negative aspects were very similar to their positive counterparts.

Virtue Arcane School Negative Aspect
Kindness Evocation Wrath
Humility Illusion Pride
Temperence Necromancy Gluttony
Generosity Transmutation Greed
Charity Abjuration Envy
Love Enchantment Lust
Zeal Conjuration Sloth

Sihedron Rune

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