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The mighty empire of Taldor once encompassed most of the continent of Avistan. The god Aroden himself once walked the streets of the capital city of Oppara. Once, the great Armies of Exploration spread high culture and civilization throughout the continent, adding to the empire’s vast holdings, and the Taldans spread the faith of Aroden throughout the world.

The empire has existed for millennia, yet a disastrous series of wars against neighboring states, a bloated bureaucracy prone to in-fighting, a populace prone to decadence, and a series of incompetent emperors have cost the once-mighty empire the vast majority of its holdings. In 4079, while waging a terrible war against the neighboring desert-nation of Qadira, the western half of the empire broke away from Taldor to form the nation of Cheliax. Unable to simultaneously fight a foreign war to the east and a civil war to the west, the emperor allowed the dissolution of half the empire. In that move, the torch of humanity’s greatest empire passed to the upstart nation, and the seat of the church of Aroden moved from Oppara to Westcrown.

Today, Taldor remains an important player in Inner Sea politics, and its grand armies are still a force to be reckoned with. Oppara is the third-largest city in the known world. Taldor is rumored to have a very effective intelligence service, and the emperor is believed to know much of what goes on in the far corners of the world.

And the legend of Imperial Taldor lives on in stories, myths, operas, and books that are known the world over.

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