Turtleback Ferry

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Turtleback Ferry is a small town on the banks of the Skull River, near the shore of Claybottm Lake, in Varisia. It is located about 450 miles east-northeast of Magnimar, and is under the jurisdiction of that city-state.

Turtleback Ferry came under the jurisdiction of Magnimar in 4662 at the request of the town. Despite being about 100 miles closer to Korvosa, Magnimar answered its request for aid from the depredations of monsters coming from nearby Hook Mountian— most notably the ogres of Kreeg Clanhold, but also the giant vermin, dire wolves, and owlbears that are frighteningly common in the nearby hills and woods. In response, the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar established the Black Arrow Rangers and constructed Fort Rannick nearby to provide protection in exchange for regular taxes. The town was happy to comply.

Turtleback Ferry’s economy is based on hunting, fishing, and forestry. Notable exports include timber, including darkwood, furs, and preserved fish. Recently, it has become regionally famous for two new businesses: The Turtleback Candleworks, which produces high-quality candles and soaps; and the Paradise Casino, a barge converted into a floating gaming hall.

The mayor is 67-year-old Maelin Shreed, a cleric of Erastil.

Turtleback Ferry
LN Small Town
Government: Conventional (mayor)
Population: 430 (390 humans, 21 gnomes, 17 halflings, 2 half-elves)
Leaders Mayor Maelin Shreed; Sheriff Devin Hardrake

Base Value 800 gp; Purchase Limit 1750 gp
Spellcasting 3rd

Notable Businesses
Bottoms Up: A friendly, if boisterous, tavern with excellent ale and terrible food.
The Turtle’s Parlor: The only inn in town.
Gar’s Tavern: A rough tavern that caters to hunters and trappers
Turtleback Candleworks: A small factory that makes candles, soap, and bath oils.
The Paradise: A barge that’s been converted into a floating casino, usually anchored a mile from town in Claybottom Lake. (Update: The Paradise caught fire and sank on 23 Neth 4707.)
The Lucky Snapper: A brothel and gambling house; not doing so well since The Paradise came to town.
General Store: Stocks normal equipment from the Core Rulebook, up to the town’s marketplace base value. They don’t stock alchemical or magical items.
Bathhouse: Fed by natural hot mineral springs, the Turtleback Bathhouse has eight large soaking tubs. Private hot washtubs are available. Soaps and bath oils from the Candleworks are available for sale, as are professional “bath companions.”
Old Bundi: A retired gnome sorceress and alchemist, she makes a bit of income preparing alchemical items and potions to order. She tends not to keep anything in stock.

Turtleback Ferry

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