duffel of cadaver transport

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Duffel of Cadaver Transport
Aura moderate varied CL 9th
Slot none Price 4000 gp Weight 15 lbs.
This nondescript-looking black canvas duffel bag opens on one of the ends, with three sturdy-looking brass buttons to hold the flap closed. It is similar to a bag of holding, and opens to an extradimensional space that is bigger on the inside as the outside. The duffel of cadaver transport can hold items up to 300 lbs, with a volume and shape of a cylinder seven feet long and three feet in diameter (roughly 33 cubic feet). Anything placed into the duffel is also under the effect of a gentle repose spell, making this item ideal for transporting a corpse without decaying. The duffel of cadaver transport is otherwise treated as a bag of holding.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose, secret chest Cost 2000 gp

This magical body bag was discovered by the Sandpoint Heroes in the secret laboratory of Chrysalis Black in Magnimar.

Status Owned by Zandu Agavale

duffel of cadaver transport

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