Falconheart's mail

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Falconheart’s Mail

This suit of +2 full plate armor is beautifully decorated with gold filigree, and etched with the holy symbol of Iomedae on the breastplate. Sized for medium-sized creatures, the enchantment of the armor is such that any medium-sized humanoid who dons the armor discovers that it fits his or her body perfectly.

gp value: 6000 gp (5500 gp as item, +500 gp historical value)

This beautifully-detailed suit of full plate armor was commissioned by the Knights of Ozrem in 4622 as a gift to General Arren Falconheart, the Hammer of Iomedae, Field Marshall of the First Mendevian Crusade. It was constructed by the renowned armorer Brad Therostram. Twenty years after the success of the Crusade, General Falconheart sold the armor to help fund the Second Mendevian Crusade. Over the intervening years, the armor has changed hands several times.

In the month of Rova in 4707, Savah Bevisky, owner of the Sandpoint armory, discovered that the armor was for sale in Magnimar. Not able to resist owning such a significant historical artifact, she bought the armor, intending to use it more as a showpiece than to try to resell. However, not long after she brought the armor to Sandpoint, she sold the armor to the paladin Charrone Genteur.

Status: Owned by Charrone Genteur

Falconheart's mail

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