Fang of the Desert

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Fang of the Desert
Aura: faint transmutation CL: 3rd
Slot: none (held); Price: 2375 gp; Weight: 8lbs
This +1 falchion is an excellent example of the Qadiran style of this weapon. It has a cleaver-like blade and a straight guard that is decorated with script-like patterning and a images of prowling cats. The name “Fang of the Desert” is etched onto the blade near the hilt in Kellish script.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic weapon.

This sword was recovered from Nualia, a priestess of the demon-goddess Lamashtu.

Update: An expert on Qadiran weaponry from Magnimar examined this blade in the month of Lamashan, 4707. He informed Halfred that the script-like patterning is actually an archaic Kellish formal script, and that the writings are some of the more martial quotations from The Birth of Truth and Light, the holy text of the Church of Sarenrae. He speculated that the weapon was created for use by members of the Cult of the Dawnflower, a militant (and some claim heretical) sect of Sarenrae worshipers that’s based in Quadira.

Status: Owned by Halfred Egilsson

Fang of the Desert

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