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Garvok, the Sword of Wrath
Aura strong evocation; CL 16th
Slot none; Weight 12 lbs; Price n/a (artifact)

This item is believed to be one of the Seven Swords of Sin

The blade of this double-edged greatsword is straight on one side, and scalloped on the other. Its point is concave and asymmetric, coming to a point on the straight edge and curving back to the other edge. The sword appears to be made of bronze, but is as hard and sharp as the finest steel. While the blade has no runes or markings on it, whenever it it drawn, it appears to be wet with fresh blood, which drips down the blade. Its hilt and crossguard are decorated with an inlaid silver interwoven geometric pattern.

The sword is a +1 flaming burst furyborn greatsword. The sword can also cast rage on its possessor three times per day.

As with the other Seven Swords of Sin, Garvok is believed to have additional powers when in the hands of the rightful Champion of Wrath.

According to the Pathfinder Society, this sword is Garvok, the Sword of Wrath, one of the Seven Blades of Conviction that dates to the Thassilonian Empire, and was lost when that empire fell. Ancient documents indicate that Garvok may have been the “Wrathblade” used by General Shanthris of the Jistka Imperium in the Age of Destiny. After the fall of the Jistka Imparium, the same “Wrathblade” was recovered by (and buried with) the Song Pharaoh of Osirion, but it was believed to be lost again seven centuries later when the Song Pharaoh’s tomb was raided. The Saga of Armag, an Ulfen saga that dates back to the fourth century of the Age of Enthronement, includes a section where Armag finds an ancient blade that channels his fury, and many scholars believe that this blade could have been Garvok. Yet, the blade was never recovered after Armag’s defeat in the Battle of Two Mountains in 409 AR.

The sword was recovered from the sorceress Tirana by the Sandpoint Heroes in the winter of 4708, in the city of Kaer Maga. How the sword came into Tirana’s possession remains a mystery.

Current Status Claimed by Halfred Egilsson


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