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Lissala, the Rune-Maid (Forgotten God)

Lissala was a goddess of runes, fate, and the reward of service, a being of harsh duty and obedience who rewarded her followers well. Her faith was strongest in the ancient empire of Thassilon, and shrines and temples to her can still be found hidden in remote Thassilonian ruins in Varisia and Belkzen.

As Thassilon grew more decadent, so did Lissala’s faithful — her cult was known for its flagellations, mortifications of the flesh, and extravagant “Feasts of Sigils” on high holidays. Although Lissala seemed to have vanished from the multiverse along with the fall of Thassilon, evidence suggests that some of the runes of old Thassilon retain some link to her, and rumors of new clerics devoted to this ancient goddess are spreading.

Lissala was depicted in art as a serpentine creature with a woman’s torso and arms, a quill and a whip in her hands, six wings on her back, and a head shaped like the mysterious Sihedron Rune.

Lissala is lawful evil.

Her favored weapon is the whip, and she grants access to the domains of Evil, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, and Rune

Text reprinted from Inner Sea World Guide, p. 235, © 2010 Paizo Publishihng LLC


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