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Urgathoa, the Pallid Princess, is the goddess of gluttony, disease, and undeath. Her worshipers tend to be necromancers and the intelligent undead. Occasionally, living gluttonous hedonists and those who seek to become undead worship her as well. Victims of pestilence sometimes make supplications or offerings to her.

The Pallid Princess is depicted as a beautiful raven-haired woman from the waist up, but with flesh rotting away to bloody bones below the waist. Her favored weapon is the scythe.

The main holy text of the Church of Urgathoa is Serving Your Hunger, which describes the blasphemous rituals of the the church including the preparation of sumptuous meals with profane ingredients (such as humanoids), and instructions for ways to become an intelligent undead creature (such as a ghoul, wight, juju zombie, or vampire).


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